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10 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

What are Some of the Problems Air Conditioners Have

Years ago, not having an air conditioner (AC) was the norm, but now many of us rely on AC to cool our homes during the hot summer months. If you live in an area with excessive heat like Nevada, Arizona, or Florida, you might not be willing to survive without your AC unit. And you shouldn’t have to. That’s why it’s important to know how to maintain your AC and ensure it never goes out on you, especially in the mid-summer months when we get record high temperatures.

Low Coolant Resulting from Leaks

Your air conditioner should never run out of coolant as long as it is working properly. However, all it takes is a small leak for your unit to lose coolant. There are several signs that indicate your AC is running low on coolant, possibly resulting from a leak:
  • A hissing noise
  • A higher power bill
  • Warmer air than usual
  • Ice build-up around the outside of the unit
You may be able to spot a leak by doing a visual inspection of the lines for oily residue. A leak can damage the compressor, which can cost more to fix than it does to buy a new unit. It’s important to note that Freon (the usual coolant material in an AC unit) is a gas that can cause serious health issues. Therefore, if you suspect a leak, turn off your air conditioner immediately and seek the help of affordable professionals, like the Phoenix AC & Heating Experts. Topping off refrigerant can cost from $150 to $400, and it’s more than likely that the leaking component will need to be replaced, which can set you back anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

Clogged Drains

The moisture that your AC removes goes through a drain line, into a pan, then down another drain. Should either the line or drain become clogged, or the pan get too full of water, it can back up and damage your unit. Not to mention, these water leaks can wind up on your floors, ceiling, walls, or furniture and eventually grow mold. It can cost anywhere from $75 to $250 to flush an AC line.

Evaporator Coil Problems

All AC units are equipped with evaporator coils that absorb heat from the air and release it back as cold air using a series of air ducts. Over time these coils can become corroded; if the ducts get clogged, they can be damaged; or, if there is a leak in one of the components, they can easily freeze up. Either way, evaporator coils usually require maintenance every three years. The price to replace an evaporator coil can range from $400 to $950.

Dirty Air Filters

One of the most common reasons for air conditioning units not to work properly is clogged or dirty air filters. Dirty air filters restrict airflow and can lead to many airflow problems including potentially causing the coils to freeze up. While some manufacturers suggest changing air filters every one to three months, some are reusable and can be cleaned with a vacuum or simply brushed off. Replacement air filters typically cost anywhere from $10 to $60 but can make a big difference in cooling your home.

Problems with the Thermostat

Some older AC models still have the dial-type thermostats installed, which can become incorrectly calibrated, meaning your unit isn’t getting the correct instructions to properly control the system. This problem can be fixed by either recalibrating the thermostat, making sure the settings are correct by checking your owner’s manual, or replacing the thermostat with a newer model, which can help save energy. Some of the newer thermostats can even be controlled remotely with your smartphone. Other things you can check your thermostat for are:
  • Make sure it is turned on
  • Check to ensure it is leveled
  • Is it clean on the inside?
  • Is the sunlight affecting it?
  • Are the settings correct?
Replacing the thermostat in your AC unit can cost around $15 to $300 for the thermostat alone and roughly $100 to $450 for the installation fees.

Leaking Air Ducts

The air ducts that run through the ceilings and walls in your home carry the cooled air and disperse it throughout your living space. If there are cracks or holes in the ducts — caused by rodents or carelessness of workers — that cool air may end up being redirected into the walls or otherwise lost before it reaches the rooms you’re hoping to cool, causing your AC to run harder and your energy bills to rise. If this is the case, you may need to call in a professional service to check the ducts, like the Phoenix AC & Heating Experts who have been in business since 2002 and currently have a 100% review rate. With such high ratings, they must be doing something right.

Air Conditioning Compressor Failures

The compressor is one of the most important parts of an air conditioner as it applies the energy needed to propel the refrigerant through the coils to create the heat exchange. If this component should stop working, your AC would no longer be able to cool your home. If the unit continues to run low on refrigerant, the compressor will heat up and eventually seize. On the contrary, if there’s too much coolant it will return to the compressor, which will soon fail. If the parts are still under warranty, it can cost around $650 to replace. If not, you’re looking at around $1,300 for the parts and installation.

Condenser Coils

The condenser coils remove the heat by expelling it from the building. Like the compressor, the condenser coils are located outside where there is pollution, soot, and other elements that can easily cause this component to become very dirty. Once the condenser coil is covered in dirt and grime, it won’t work very well. In fact, the heat transfer will be impeded, causing the unit to work extra hard to do its job, which could lead to excessive wear on the parts, eventually causing system failure. You may not want to pay the $100 to $400 required to have the coils cleaned by a professional. However, if it needs to be replaced, it will require more extensive work that could cost from $400 to $1,200 just for the part then $50 to $150 per hour for labor.

Clogged Vents

If the outdoor fan or condenser is clogged with trash, dust, lint, dirt, leaves, or other outdoor elements, the unit won’t be able to expel heat effectively and the system could break down. The average price of air duct cleaning is usually $35 per vent or $300 to $500 for an entire home depending on how many ducts there are, their configuration, and the size of the home. In this case, it wouldn’t hurt to call a professional AC service, like the Phoenix AC & Heating Experts, who offer free consultations.

Low Capacity Breakers

Breakers and fuses are what safeguard your AC unit’s compressor and motor from overheating. When an AC motor dies and one of our HVAC technician is called in, one of the first things they’ll check is the breaker. If your breaker keeps shutting down when you run the air, this may be an indication that the breaker doesn’t have the necessary power to run the system; therefore, it may need to be replaced. Replacing a breaker can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000. First seen published on Phoenix AC & Heating Experts - Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

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How Much Does a Home AC Compressor Replacement or Repair Cost?

You know that your air conditioner keeps your home cool and comfortable all summer long. Just how it accomplishes that, though, may be a bit of a mystery. After all, the only thing you have to do is set your thermostat to the desired temperature and, before you know it, there is cool and refreshing air flowing through your vents.
Though there are several components in a central air conditioner, one of the most important is the compressor. Without a compressor, the rest of the cooling process can’t happen. If you think you might be experiencing problems with your compressor, here is some basic information on what you can expect throughout the diagnostics process and replacement process.

What Does the Air Compressor Do?

In an air conditioner, the primary way that heat is removed from your home is through the refrigerant. This refrigerant is a substance that changes from a liquid to a gas at a predictable temperature. The way the temperature in the refrigerant is changed is by changing the pressure of the refrigerant to a specific level.
That’s where the compressor comes in. Sitting outside your home, the compressor’s job is to increase the pressure of the refrigerant to a point where its temperature is higher than the surrounding air. When this happens, thanks to thermodynamics, the heat is expelled from the refrigerant and into the outdoor air.
Then, because of this difference in pressure, the refrigerant, as a gas, moves to the condenser coils. As air moves over the condenser coils, the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant begin to drop, which eventually causes the refrigerant to turn back into a liquid.
When the pressure is low enough, the refrigerant moves inside your home, replacing the higher-pressure refrigerant that has been busy removing heat from your home. This process continues until the thermostat senses that your home has reached the desired temperature and shuts the system off.

What Causes Compressors to Burn Out?

Given their high-intensity job, compressors are generally built quite tough. However, there are a few conditions that can cause your compressor to burn out.
One common cause of compressor burn-out is the loss of lubricating oil on the moving parts of the compressor. Similar to motor oil in a vehicle, lubricating oil in a compressor will often work its way out of the small gaps or cracks in the body of the compressor. Over time, these small leaks can leave your compressor with a lack of adequate lubrication, resulting in excess heat that will cause your compressor to fail.
Another condition that can cause your compressor to fail is a blocked expansion valve. Though the refrigerant line in your air conditioner is a closed system, the expansion valve is so small that it only takes a tiny amount of sediment or acidic buildup to cause a problem. If the valve becomes blocked, it will cause too much pressure to build up behind it, leading to an overworked compressor.
A third problem that can lead to compressor failure is a buildup of heat in the compressor housing. If the exhaust fan on your compressor stops working, or if there is an excess amount of debris around the compressor, too much heat may build up in and around the compressor, leading to its failure.

How to Diagnose a Failed Air Conditioner Compressor

When compressors fail, they don’t always fail in the exact same way. That means there are several symptoms that could indicate a failed compressor. At the same time, some of these symptoms may also indicate other issues with your air conditioner, which is why it’s important to have your system inspected by a qualified technician.
One symptom you may experience is your air conditioner blowing warm air. Since the compressor is crucial to the cooling process, it makes sense that this would be a symptom of a failed compressor. However, it’s important to note that many other air conditioner problems can cause this specific issue, so don’t automatically assume that your compressor is the culprit.
Another sure sign of a problem is if your compressor doesn’t kick on at all when your system activates. If a compressor has totally burned out, there are circuits in place that will prevent any other components in the compressor housing from turning on to prevent damage to the rest of your system.
Finally, if the circuit your air conditioner is on starts to trip every time the system turns on, it’s probably a problem with your compressor. If the compressor begins to fail, it tends to push harder to try and overcome the problem. As it works harder, it draws more power, leading to the problem with a tripped breaker.

What is the Average Cost of a New Compressor?

The good news when it comes to many air conditioner compressors is that they may be covered under warranty. This can help to limit or eliminate your out-of-pocket costs if your compressor fails.
Of course, many compressors fail after the warranty has expired, meaning you will be responsible for the full cost of replacement. Depending on the size of your unit, an average replacement cost typically runs anywhere from $900 to $2,400, including installation. This is due to the types of materials that a compressor is made from and the amount of labor involved in replacing the compressor.

Should I Replace the Compressor or Buy a New Unit?

Given the relatively high cost of replacing a broken air conditioner compressor, the inevitable question becomes whether you should only replace the compressor or if you should replace the entire air conditioning system.
Obviously, if your compressor is still under warranty, it makes the most sense to only replace the compressor. If your system is older, though, it may make sense to go ahead and replace the entire air conditioner to prevent other failures from happening right after you replace your compressor. Ultimately, the decision whether to replace one component or the entire system is something you’ll have to think over based on your budget, your home comfort needs, and the age of your system.
The best way to prevent a compressor failure is to have your air conditioner maintenanced annually. This allows a technician to check over each system component to ensure they’re working well together to avoid putting excess strain on the compressor or any other component. This is one case where an ounce of prevention is certainly worth the investment into keeping your air conditioner running optimally. Originally seen published on the Phoenix AC & Heating Experts website.

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Why Ventilation Cleaning Is Important In Every Home

Ventilation cleaning is a form of home maintenance that reduces pollutants that have built up in our home duct work from being blown back into the air we breathe inside our residence. This form of maintenance has really taken off in recent years as we have more knowledge of clean air and how impurities affect our lives. This is something that should be done yearly by a qualified professional to ensure the job is complete and risk minimized. Continue reading this article if you think your home needs ventilation cleaning performed and what exactly is hiding in your vents. Why Our Home's Air Quality is so Important! One of the biggest issues plaguing society today is mold in our homes. It hides in the dark recesses and can cause serious respiratory issues including death. Our duct work is made of metal and depending on the temperature changes in the home, may sweat and actually start growing mold. These spores are then circulated into our living space as the system cycles affecting the air quality in the home. A professional, besides cleaning the ducts, will spray a solution in mist form into the vent work to kill off the mold and ensure the air we breathe is safe. Most of us question where all the dust comes from in our homes and may even blame it on heavy foot traffic. While this is true, much of that dust has found its way into the vents and has built up for years to the point it simply blows back into the air and eventually makes its way back into the vents repeating the cycle. Ventilation cleaning will remove all of these particles and make the air we breathe noticeably cleaner as well as reducing the amount of dust build up on tables and TV's. Ventilation cleaning can be the best money you spend on your home. The vents are visibly cleaner and the fresh air smell will open your eyes to how bad the problem was. If you haven't done so in the last year, it is more than likely time to call someone in to clean your vents and your ducts. Phoenix AC & Heating Experts 18631 N. 19th Ave #158 Phoenix, Az 85027 (602) 773-5522  

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Keep Cool without Spending Much

After your air conditioning company has installed your AC unit, it is up to you to limit your usage and use it in a practical way. Keep your AC filters clean every month to ensure proper air flow at all times. To prevent the suns heat from getting through your windows, install blinds or woven bamboo screens. Also keep your windows closed during the day. To ventilate your room, open your windows at night as it is cooler during this time. Your air conditioning company will tell you that your AC unit will take more time to cool your room when it is warmer. Before you have your AC unit installed, ask about proper installation of your unit. The performance, efficiency and life of your equipment is greatly affected if not properly installed. Your air conditioning company can give you more information to help you save more on your energy bills while enjoying your equipment. Phoenix AC Experts 18631 N. 19th Ave #158 Phoenix, Az 85027 (602) 773-5522

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The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you are a homeowner, you understand how costly some repairs can be. Among the many things you have to look after, few are as important as your air conditioner. After all, you wouldn't want your AC unit breaking down on you in the middle of summer would you? The best way to prevent the occurrence of any such problems is to make sure you practice proper air conditioning maintenance throughout the year. The following article will show you exactly how. The first thing you need to do with regards to air conditioning maintenance is to change your filter each and every month. This is a simple way to make sure your air conditioner runs smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, your filter doesn't keep all of the dirt out of your air conditioning unit. You are going to have to manually vacuum some of it out yourself. Cap the end of your air conditioning drain and suck out any dirt or debris stuck in the unit. Remember to remove the cap when you have finished vacuuming. You would also be wise to clean out the coils within your air conditioning unit. Obviously, you'll want to make sure that you have disconnected the unit so that the power is not on. Use a garden hose to spray the coils clean and make sure to give it ample time to dry before you plug your unit back in. None of the air conditioning maintenance tips mentioned above are all that difficult to do, but when you take the time and effort to do them regularly, you can greatly prolong the life of your unit. The best way to prevent any future problems from occurring is to take good care of your AC unit throughout the year. You'll be glad you did.

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Air Conditioning Repair & Service Guidelines – What to Look For!

Why You Need Affordable High Quality Services

AC Repair is essential anytime it starts to malfunction. Air conditioning service usually becomes something that everyone looks for during hot seasons. A malfunctioning unit can make a residence or office a living hell if not fixed immediately. Air conditioning repairs cost a good sum of money but it is best to fix it early as waiting will only make things uncomfortable. Before you go look for affordable ac services, it is best that you take a look yourself. Things that go wrong air conditioning are quite common and some of them can be fixed by you. Just because your home has become too hot all of a sudden, does not necessarily mean that your ac is malfunctioning. It is a good practice to check the thermostat first. Thermostats that are of old model have switched that can be pointed at ‘off’ from ‘cool’ by the lightest touch. Digital thermostats have the same kind of problem for malfunctioning batteries. These problems are usually solved by lowering the thermostat. If changing the thermostat does not help then the problem could be with a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Tripped breakers need to be reset and blown fuses can be replaced easily. If you suspect that the problem is here and you cannot handle it then you can call an electrician to check it out. Another common problem is that outdoor units have a tendency to freeze up. In such cases you should keep the unit off for a few hours so that it can thaw. This action often solves problem. Malfunctioning problems can often be resolved without the help of professionals.

Looking for Affordable AC Service?

However, if none of these solutions work for you then you need affordable ac repair. (Read more) It is best to replace old models than to try and fix them, because the solution will be temporary and it will cost you more. Replacing a malfunctioning ac is better than getting ac service throughout the year. Newer models are likely to be more efficient and will cool the surroundings faster. It is unlikely that they will require ac repair in a short while. New models are energy saving and as a user you should know how much energy costs are during summer seasons. If you need general purpose cooling for your home then it is best to go for zoning and split systems. These are energy efficient and ideal for homes. Evaporative cooling can be great choice for those who have low humidity levels. It is extremely energy efficient and rarely requires ac repairs. If you live in a cool area then a central air system is not a good solution in terms of economy. It is better to get window units and not suffer a hefty bill. Air conditioning repairs are quiet important given the climate of some places. For example: those who live in Greensboro need air conditioning service because of their climate. Usually people are not comfortable handling repairs on their own so it is best to get the help of professionals when your ac malfunctions. Phoenix AC & Heating Experts 18631 N. 19th Ave #158 Phoenix, Az 85027 (602) 773-5522  

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Searching for A Good Air Conditioning Contractor

Finding quality air conditioning contractors can be a daunting task for the homeowner. It can be difficult to know exactly where to begin, and how do you know if they are doing the job correctly since you do not know how to install or work on the unit yourself? There are some ways to help protect yourself against fraud. Homeowners should look at installing a unit which will provide heat and air as an investment. Then when it is time to hire a professional to service the unit, it is more like protecting your initial investment. To begin the search, you will want to check out several who offer services of this nature. Most of them will have brochures or websites which make available information about the services they provide. Checking out several different air conditioning contractors will give you a general idea of price ranges that are typically charged. Be sure to check their references as it can help you determine the quality of repairs and reliability of their services. One of the most important issues is the licenses and insurance that the contractor carries. Specifically check to make sure if they have liability insurance as this is what will take care of their employees if they are injured while they are working on your property. In a situation like that it should not be filed with your home owner’s insurance. To maintain their professional standing they should have a license that shows they do indeed know what they are doing. It also lets customers know that they are legally working in the field. Another important aspect that should be looked in to is how long the company has been in business doing ac repair. They should have solid contact information such as a valid address and a land line for a phone number, not just a cell phone. You can also check their listing with the Better Business Bureau in your area. They can let you know if it is a reputable establishment or not. When hiring a company to do any sort of installation or air conditioning repair always make sure every item contained in the contract is written down in detail. Read it over carefully to make sure every item that was discussed is written down clearly before you sign the contract. The contractor should also sign the contract or it is legally considered void. Before finalizing any payments to the company double check to make sure that each item was completed sufficiently. Do not pay for work that is not complete, even if they promise to finish it later. The final payment should not be made until all the work is done as set forth in the contract. Installing units like this in your home is a major investment. If it is not handled properly it can end up costing you more in the long run. By checking credentials, references and reputations you can be assured that you will find good, quality air conditioning contractors. The Phoenix AC & Heating Experts is your go to for any air conditioning services you may need in Phoenix.

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